Top Five Platform Issues for 2020

Environmental Policy


Climate Change:  there is a critical need to implement policy that considers the best interests and wellbeing of future generations.

Women’s Rights


Total Equality:  females require equitable, fair and proper rights.  Until women attain the same rights as men, the American society cannot progress toward impartiality.

Immigration Policy


Migrant Rights and Humane Treatment:  asylum seeker policy reform needs a comprehensive analysis that compassionately results in humane treatment.

Housing Policy


Affordable Housing Policy:  combating the affordable housing crisis will require the legislative branch to advocate, promote and pass policy that legally makes housing affordable for all.  This can be accomplished by placing limits on rent in correlation to the number of bedrooms for a given unit.

Criminal Justice Policy


Reentry into Society from Institutions:  expungement advocacy and broadening the scope of offenses that qualify for expungement, after an individual has paid their debt to society, have many positive direct and indirect outcomes.  They include but are not limited to second chance opportunity, reduction in crime and poverty, job growth, and a lower recidivism rate.