Anthony Felix Jr. was born and raised in East Los Angeles. Growing up, he did not live with his parents. His father was in and out of prison while his mother was also in and out of institutions prior to moving out of state. Both his parents lost their lives because of heroin overdoses. As a ward of the court, Anthony Felix Jr. was raised by various relatives.


Anthony Felix Jr. has earned an associate's degree in administration of justice, bachelor's degree in criminal justice, master’s degree in public administration, and a doctorate in public administration with a dissertation foci on government ethics. In his continued connectedness with scholarship, Anthony serves on the American Society of Public Administration's (ASPA) SoCal Chapter Council as a council member.

Family and Work Life

Anthony Felix Jr. is a father of four daughters, ages 2 to 19. Anthony has previously served in the U.S. Navy. Presently, Anthony works for a joint power authority (city and county of Los Angeles) where he collaborates with homeless services providers to ensure various homeless services strategies produce positive outcomes with the ultimate objective of exiting youths, single adults and families to permanent housing destinations. Anthony is also a proud union shop steward for SEIU 721.

Professional Capacity

Anthony Felix Jr. has acquired a knowledge base [as a practitioner] that empowers him to be an accountable, responsible, effective, and efficient government official. He intends to utilize his skills, knowledge and abilities to serve his constituency both loyally and above all, ethically.

Real World Vision

Based on his education, life and work experiences, Anthony Felix Jr. has a pragmatic yet progressive platform for improving the quality of life for the American people. 

"I have overcome the odds in my life, but with your help in 2020 we shall overcome our political oppression." 




Anthony Felix Jr. nació y creció en el este de Los Ángeles. Al crecer, no vivía con sus padres. Su padre entraba y salía de prisión, mientras que su madre también entraba y salía de instituciones antes de mudarse fuera del estado. Sus padres perdieron la vida por sobredosis de heroína. Como pupilo de la corte, Anthony Felix Jr. fue criado por varios familiares.


Anthony Felix Jr. obtuvo un título de asociado en administración de justicia, una licenciatura en justicia penal, una maestría en administración pública y un doctorado en administración pública con un enfoque de disertación sobre ética del gobierno. En su continua conexión con la beca, Anthony es miembro del Consejo del Capítulo SoCal de la Sociedad Americana de Administración Pública (ASPA) como miembro del consejo.

Vida familiar y laboral

Anthony Felix Jr. es padre de cuatro hijas, de 2 a 19 años. Anthony ha servido previamente en la Marina de los EE. UU. Actualmente, Anthony trabaja para una autoridad de poder conjunta (ciudad y condado de Los Ángeles) donde colabora con proveedores de servicios para personas sin hogar para garantizar que diversas estrategias de servicios para personas sin hogar produzcan resultados positivos con el objetivo final de que los jóvenes, adultos solteros y familias salgan a destinos de vivienda permanentes. Anthony también es un orgulloso delegado sindical de SEIU 721.

Capacidad profesional

Anthony Felix Jr. ha adquirido una base de conocimiento [como profesional] que lo capacita para ser un funcionario gubernamental responsable, eficaz y eficiente. Tiene la intención de utilizar sus conocimientos y habilidades para servir a su circunscripción de manera leal y, sobre todo, éticamente.

Visión del mundo real

Basado en su educación, vida y experiencias laborales, Anthony Felix Jr. tiene una plataforma pragmática pero progresiva para mejorar la calidad de vida del pueblo estadounidense.

"He superado las probabilidades en mi vida, pero con su ayuda en 2020 superaremos nuestra opresión política."


Research on Government Ethics (Dissertation)

The Outts by Anthony Felix Jr.

Los Angeles can be a rough place to grow up having a normal childhood, but then what is

normal in today’s times? One must always expect the unexpected in the city with no pity. Every

day people lose family members, are sent to jail or prison, or just have it bad all the way around.

It is up to the individual to step up and do what is possible to stay motivated and achieve their

goals in life.

For Young William it was no different. Life dealt him a crummy hand, but he never had

a pessimistic outlook on anything because he had the drive to make the most out of any situation.

His story stretches from the beginning of his bad luck to the pinnacle of his life and everything in

between. It is a story that pretty much anyone who has ever lived their life can relate to on some


Now brace yourself as you read his journey through life and realize that you yourself

have the opportunity to experience life and appreciate all that you have because it can all be

taken away in heartbeat.