CA - District 40 (D)

“In the alternative, the representative leadership I vow to provide is based on real world struggles that you and I, as working-class citizens, face daily.  Overcoming everyday struggles requires solutions from people who have lived them.”

- Dr. Anthony Felix Jr.





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Political Philosophy

There is an evolutionary shift occurring from career politicians to representation reflective of the public majority.  Lifelong politicians are just not able to relate to the American public.  It is important to note that it’s not about having a name on the ballot, it's about having progressive values and leadership on the ballot.

I have always been willing to follow, but now I am adequately prepared to lead.  I shall be the people’s weapon, and the people will be the strength that powers the weapon.  Some are fortunate enough to be born into the right life, while others come from humble beginnings and must therefore create their own destiny. 

Political injustice shall be met with justice, and justice will right all the wrongs that have occurred throughout the duration of the current administration.  This goes for legislative policy-makers as well. 

Prominent people often forget an undoubtable reality, they have everything to lose.  The only thing we have to lose is our oppression.  I may lose if I run, but I will not win if I do not run.

As the 2020 elections approach, the need for innovative leadership in Congress only increases.  I am asking for your support to help shape the future landscape of American politics to reflect who we are.